Megan Kwan is a Vancouver-based communication designer and photographer. She is a recent Communication Design grad of Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Megan's mighty 5ft stature is passionately driven by the creative process, meticulously detail oriented with type-setting and layout, and continuously inspired by the power of story-telling and ability to connect with others through design. 

She believe in thoughtful design down to the smallest detail, and that each element tells a story. Her interests lie in art direction, publication, typography, and sustainable systems design. Megan's original roots in film and digital photography have translated over to her design practice through the acts of observation, exploration and holding a central focus on content and context. She thrives in collaborative team environments and is constantly learning through new and different experiences in and out of the design world. She also finds it strange to be writing in third person but continues to do so.   

Other things to note:

Outside of design, Megan is a front porch and hammock enthusiast, avid hiker and gallery-goer. She seeks to challenge and push outside her comfort zone and also enjoy getting unintentionally lost exploring new cities and meeting the people that fill them. When Megan is not working on the next side project, she is sweating it out at hot yoga, going on photo adventures and reading a good book. She also does not wish to continue writing in third person.  

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